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Reclaim expenses

Tax refundable expenses LEGAL BASIS for foreign VAT reclaim within the EU countries is the EU Directive 8 and for non-EU countries, it is the EU Directive 13.

In principle, as a generally accepted rule, foreign VAT return is possible on all invoices of foreign suppliers where foreign VAT is disclosed, provided it serves as withholding tax to local legal entities.

The majority of the EU countries refunds tax to legal entities from non-EU countries without any additional conditions. However, as a precondition for tax refund, some EU countries require so-called establishment of bilateral reciprocity.

Most common foreign VAT refunded expenses are:

  • Trade fair exhibition and accompanying expenses (furnishing, design, marketing)
  • Seminar, congress and symposia expenses
  • Training and education expenses
  • Advertising services
  • Consulting services
  • Participation fees
  • Hotel accommodation expenses
  • Restaurant expenses
  • Fuel and toll expenses for international transport of goods and passengers (trucks, airplanes, ships, buses)
  • Product processing and finishing expenses
  • Fair, seminar and symposia services
  • Rent-a-car expenses, etc.
Refundacija PDV-a | Cash back


We offer foreign VAT refund to legal entities in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia.

Refundacija PDV-a za sajmove | Cash back


Recover the money you invest. We offer foreign VAT refund to companies participating at international trade fairs worldwide.

Refundacija PDV-a za hotelski smeštaj | Cash back


You have paid for accommodation abroad from your company account? Call us and recover your money through VAT refund.

Refundacija PDV-a za putovanja | Cash back


You travel abroad, but you don’t know if you can recover at least a part of the money you spend? Our services ensure recovery of your money through VAT refund.

Refundacija PDV-a | Cash back


We recover your transport money (fuel and tolls for international transport of goods and passengers) through VAT refund.

Refundacija PDV-a | Cash back


You have attended a training, symposium or congress abroad and you would like to recover the money invested? Call us and you will be refunded VAT.

VAT reclaim | Cash Back IMO

Cash Back IMO d.o.o. Beograd is the exclusive and general representative office of the Swiss company Cash Back ( for the markets of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

This Swiss company has exclusively been in the business of foreign VAT refund to legal entities for over 20 years and it is represented in 38 countries worldwide.

Our company specialises in foreign VAT reclaim to Serbian companies for expenses made for services received abroad.

Why choose us

We render the services of foreign VAT reclaim to legal entities in Serbia according to the same standards as implemented in Germany, France or any other EU country.

The Cash Back network covering the Belgrade office has the international IVA certificate which is the highest European international standard in this field.

VAT reclaim | Who are our clients

Clients of our network are companies which possess the most renowned brands.

40% of our clients have been within our network for 5 or more years.

Call our local office and become our client.

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